Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Top Three NHSLMA 2015 Conference Takeaways

My Top Three Takeaways from NHSLMA 2015

Number 1

Do something & do it well: As is such with so many careers, librarians have the opportunity to do so much, which can feel overwhelming.  Also, as a new librarian, I often feel as though I’m not doing enough or I’m not as good as some of the other seasoned librarians.  However, after speaking with Matthew Winner, I’ve decided to abandon those feelings and instead I’m going to do something & do that one thing well.  When I conquer that & start doing that one thing well, I’ll add another piece.  I haven’t narrowed down my one “something” yet, but here are the things I’m thinking about:
  • MakerSpace activity each month: Thanks Heidi Doyle & Dover Children’s
  • Graphic Novel Book Award at my school: Matthew Winner gave me this idea!
  • QR Codes galore! – Thanks Rachel Hopkins for this awesome re-energizing idea from the slideshow!
  • Teacher PD & Book Group to improve instruction: Angie Miller gave me this idea!

Number 2

NH Librarians are supportive: Got a question?  Need another librarian’s eyes on what you’re doing?  Reach out!  We’ve got a great team here in NH who are always willing to help! Go NH Team Library!

Number 3

MacGyver Librarianship, Dover Children’s Museum, & MakerSpaces: MakerSpaces do not need to be million dollar budgets & Lego Mindstorm kits.  MakerSpaces can easily be paper plates, dowels, & a fan.  It’s the instruction & the design process that matter!

For more information on any of this & the resources I'm using to get my brain flowing:

Heidi Doyle
Dover Children's Museum

QR Codes
  • I use to generate my short URLs & QR codes.
  • I use Google Drawings to produce signage
Angie Miller
Jennifer LaGarde

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