Thursday, July 20, 2017

NH Google Summit: Day 2

NH Google Summit: Day 2

Thank you AppsEvents, Allison Mollica, & Andrea Ange for collaborating to bring us this fabulous summer PD event.  I have learned, presented, brainstormed, and met some amazing new people!

Session One: Source Investigators

This was my first time presenting this topic. I truly believe that the planning phase of research is often overlooked.  Setting up notes, preparing resources, and discussing source gathering methods is the key to students becoming effective source evaluators. My website has my session slides and resources.  Feel free to reuse as you see fit.

Thank you to my session participants.  Your patience with my first crack at this presentation was fantastic and I'm eternally grateful. I got some great feedback.  A person mentioned that this sessions was tailored for librarians, which was not my intention at all.  This has in fact challenged me.  So what I need to do at Maine Summit is to show how what I do in the library can easily be replicated for a classroom teacher or tech integrator, should they be teaching source evaluation or research.

Session Two: What's Up Google? Google's ELOs

Again, Allison Mollica provided a treasure trove of resources for teaching relevant life skills with Google products. I was amazed at all of the resources buried in Google's training website. Here are all of the ones I plan to utilize sooner rather than later:
Methods for Using These Tools
  • Create a PLN for teachers doing this over 6 months?
  • Can create WHOLE courses for students!
  • After school coding clubs
My brain is still spinning from this amazing session. What I loved about Allison's session is actually her presentation style.  She rapid fires resources, lets us play with what piques our interests, and answers questions along the way.  I plan to show my teachers many of these resources.

Session Three: Reflect

Whoa. I needed this session. I always leave these workshops invigorated and excited, but without an action plan. While I still don't' have an action plan (it's coming!), I was able to synthesize my main takeaways and brainstorm HOW to get these resources to my teachers. Stay tuned.

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